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Benis Nfts are now live 🐕

  • Quantity: 3'000 Benis
  • Price: 0.015 Ethereum (Base Network)
  • 🔥25% of revenue is used to buy $BENI and sent directly to the dead address, removed from circulation
  • 💰25% of revenue is given back to NFT holders in the form of $BENI, which is claimed by the holder through our dApp
  • 🔷50% of all revenue will be going towards Marketing, and further development of the community and $BENI Ecosystem

Rewards are claimable directly from the minting dapp.


What is Beni?

Built On The Solid Foundation Of Base, Beni Enjoys The Benefits Of A Secure, Scalable, And User-Friendly Blockchain. This Paw-Some Memecoin Is Designed To Be Accessible To Everyone, From Seasoned Crypto Traders To Newcomers Who Are Just Starting Their Journey In The World Of Digital Assets.



We’re a meme with big ambitions and with empathy at the heart we scale like no other.

What Is beni?
Beni is a memecoin based on Coinbase Director's pet dog, launched on the Base blockchain. It aims to create a fun, engaging, and inclusive community for crypto enthusiasts and pet lovers.
How do I import the Base RPC into MetaMask?
Where can I trade Beni?
Beni Memecoin can be traded on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) that support the Base blockchain. Some popular DEXs include Uniswap, SushiSwap, and 1inch. Make sure to connect your wallet to the Base network before trading.
Is there a tax on Beni transactions?
No, Beni operates on a 0 tax ecosystem, meaning there are no additional fees or taxes imposed on transactions. This allows for seamless and cost-effective trading of Beni tokens.